Monday, February 22, 2010

When Did I Get This Fat

I know you're thinking: you're not fat.  And I may not be.  But none of my pants fit anymore.  I had to go out and buy new pants.  AND for the first time, I had to buy LARGE shirts.  Mediums don't fit me.  The size itself tells me I'm big.  Large size shirts = large sized girl.   So you can tell me I'm not fat all you want, but I'm fat.

I don't know what happened, or how I got fat, or how to make it go away.  But I want it to stop.  I hate every picture I take.  I always wind up wearing sweats even when its totally inappropriate.  I don't wear tank tops because I don't want to show my fat arms.  And every time I go to the gym and the machine asks me to enter my weight, I enter it really fast so that no one near by sees how fat I've gotten.  I almost feel like lying to the machine so people won't judge me at the gym for being slightly obese.

I mostly blame this on my move to Chicago.  This place is full of fattening foods, and comfort food.  Plus it's FREEZING cold and so naturally my body stores fat.  A lovely side affect of winter weather.  It's not bad enough that it is below thirty every day, but hey, lets put a few added pounds on your ass and thighs!



  1. omfg. i love you. and i feel you lol

  2. Ha, thanks Kari! Loosing weight is TERRIBLE, and is REALLY hard. I try... but the weight just likes to hang out, in all the wrong places.