Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Tiger Tiger

Today Tiger gave his speech/apology to the world, or to those people who didn't boycott it.  Personally, I think Tiger did a fine job.  Could you imagine having to apologize to BILLIONS of people for your mistake.  Just imagine how you felt when you were younger and you broke your mom's favorite vase, or crashed your parents car, or did something totally stupid...and you had to admit it to your parents, or your best friend, or someone else you really care about.  How horrible was that?  Didn't you just feel so bad, and like such a disappointment?  Well multiply that feeling times A BILLION (literally), and try to apologize.  Considering the circumstances, and knowing how many people Tiger let down, I think he did a fine job.

Tiger is clearly working towards being a better man and restoring his marriage.  He is taking steps to work through the therapeutic process of restoring his mental health, he is attempting to heal his marriage, and his biggest concern was the well being of his family through all all of his personal wrong doings.

So to a very specific bitch that I know judged Tiger like she was perfect...go screw yourself.  I know you think you know what's best...but for one minute of the day can you give someone a fucking break...I know you think that "tiger woods sounds like a tool" and that "this whole thing is the some of the most atrocious shit I've seen" but can you HONESTLY tell me you've never had to apologize to anyone?

Yes, Tiger is responsible for getting himself into this situation, and yes it is Tiger's bad for cheating on his wife.  But he is doing the best he can.  People make mistakes.  People fall down and make poor choices and do dumb things sometimes.  They act like idiots, and ignore what really matters.  Every single person has done something they regret, or they would take back, or something they wish they had never done to begin with...but what Tiger has shown is that he isn't just backing out when it's easy.  He isn't just walking away from his marriage and his kids and family.  He is taking the hard steps of dealing with the issue.

Most people in this world are too scared of therapy or too scared of themselves to actually look in the mirror and face their shit.  So, although many people would disagree with me, my hats off to you Tiger.  For being the better man and taking the high road.   Congrats on working it out in therapy.  My hope is that you don't find yourself back in this situation and you really work it out with your loving and supportive wife, and that your kids don't have to feel this pain again.

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