Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Possible Book Intro!

I've dated them all.  And I do mean all of them.  The quarterback, the band nerd, the basketball player, the shy  one, the loud one, the felon, the super-christian, the cocky, the humble, the wise, the ignorant, the guy who makes you drool, and the guy who makes you cringe.  I've dated the guy who laughs at my jokes but has none to contribute, the guys who never stop making jokes and takes nothing seriously, I've dated guys that hit me, that I hit, others that would never even say a cuss word or go over the speed limit.  I've dated the emotional, the unemotional, the mean, the gentle, the angry, the happy, the frat boy, the historian, the best buy employee, the unemployed, the wealthy, the poor, the middle-class, the beautiful, and the not-so beautiful.  If I haven't listed one part of every man you know then I probably dated his best friend, brother, cousin, or someone close to him.  I've dated cousins of friends, friends of cousins, brothers of friends, friends of friends, randoms, people I've known for six years, people I've known for six minutes.  Guys I've met at bars, guys I've met at church, guys at house parties, guys at friends birthday parties, guys online, guys at school, or guys at football games.  I've dated guys that were roommates of guys I've dated, and I've dated brothers of guys I've dated.  I've dated guys a foot and a half taller than me and I've dated guys an inch taller than me. 

I don't know if it's a feat, a triumph, or just a story or two but I've been there and back with probably every type of man there is.  Some might say it's a problem, others might say its co-dependency, some may even suggest it's bad-ass.  For me, its just what I've done.  Always.  It's what I've known, it's what I've been.  It's what I've experienced.  I wouldn't call it anything but a life.  A life that I chose to live every day.  And I can tell you that some of the stories you are about to read are stories you've heard, and others are stories you've never heard.  Some of these stories might make you laugh (at least that's what I'm attempting for) and some of these stories might make you cry.  Regardless of what you take away from them, every single man, guy, or boy that has entered my life has changed me, molded me, taught me, and has left part of them within me.  It is my duty to share with you what I have been left with.


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