Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I feel like writing about my old love life. You know, the one involving my ex boyfriend going to jail, or dating being friends with a boy for three years, or having my best friend sleep with my boyfriend of four years.  I feel like purging that on to the paper today. I feel like being an ARTIST. Creating. Making. Taking every bit of emotion I've ever felt and putting it on to paper.

I will attempt to write something today, maybe...but I can't create anything with paper since I have to sit at my boring desk job all day.

In the meantime, while I think about writing a story or two, here are some things that are inspiring me today:


yep Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket{Nifty Photos}

Color Splash Pictures, Images and Photos

and most importantly:Photobucket
{Nifty Photos}

I tried to create a playlist full of inspirational songs and add it to this post but it didn't work, you can check it out here: Feb. 25th Inspirational Playlist

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