Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can't Let Psychos Steal Your Joy

Today it's come to my attention that my biggest fan has decided to repeatedly twitter about me.   She has said some pretty awful things about me.  She has decided, on her own accord, that I am worthless, naive, ignorant, immature, bossy, wimpy, and self-important.  

But like my bff says, "you cant let psychos steal your joy."  So, instead of hating on this person, who is after all, my biggest supporter, I am going to say thank you.

Thank you, hater, for reminding me of how lucky I am to know so many wonderful people.  Thank you, biggest fan, for making me the center of your life.  Thank you, bitter co-worker, for pointing out to me that I have been blessed to have a heart full of joy, and love, and compassion, while yours seems to be non-existent.  Thank you, ranter, for reminding me how important it is to never judge someone you don't know.  Thank you, twitter freak, for giving me a chance to practice patience.  Thank you, disrespectful grown woman, for calling to attention that although I may not always feel pretty or skinny, at least I don't look like you...
(okay, sorry I had to throw one mean one in there)

Thank you, groupie, for allowing me the chance to rise above.  Thank you, aficionado, for taking me out of your life and allowing me more time to spend with people who are kind.  Thank you, devotee, for refreshing my memory on how important it is to be gracious.  Thank you, enthusiast, for giving me the fuel to be the person I was raised to be.

Thank you, psycho, for not stealing my joy.


  1. only bitches talk shit.
    the more they hate the more attention YOU get :)

  2. OH I LOVE THIS!!!! YES choose JOY!

  3. Thanks for the support. :)