Saturday, January 4, 2014

One Little Word : Expanded

I decided to do this little project this year (2014) called One Little Word (inspired by Ali Edwards).  Essentially, you pick one little word that you want to focus your year on.  I chose a word that I believed is truly at the essence of what I need in this new year.  discover
Not only to do I hope to discover new things, but I hope to discover myself in the midst of being confused.  I hope to discover what happiness is when things are not always as planned.  I hope to discover what it is that I can do better, different, stronger and braver this year.  I want to discover new places, new people, new mentalities, new abilities, new strengths, new inner passions, new drive and an unapologetic zest for all things new. 
What this word means:
  • find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.
  • become aware of (a fact or situation).
  • be the first to find or observe (a place, substance, or scientific phenomenon).
  • find
  • locate
  • come across/upon
  • stumble on
  • light on
  • bring to light
  • uncover
  • unearth
  • turn up
  • find out
  • learn
  • realize
  • recognize
  • fathom
  • see
  • ascertain
  • work out
  • dig up/out
  • root out
So what does my "One Little Word" look like to me? 
1.  I will discover at least one new thing a week.  I decided to incorporate trying new things in my manifestation of my one little word because I tend to stay inside my comfort zone, and I like it there.  I always order the same thing, always go to the same coffee shop, and am incredibly afraid of all things new.  You know, mini panic attacks, mind spiraling out of control imagining all that can go wrong...  Most of the time if I do something new I make myself miserable instead of being open to the possibilities.  I just like what I like. So, in order to discover, I need to get out of my comfort zone.  Therefore, at least one new thing a week.  I will find something new I can do or try, big or small each single week. 
This week, I already discovered 3 new things so I am feeling extra accomplished.  I went to a new restaurant with friends, instead of an old favorite.  I went on a run in a place I have never been to, and I tried new make up. Here's a photo from the restaurant.  Totally worth discovering. 
2.  I will discover what happens when I say yes more.  By saying yes to things I might feel like saying no to I will in fact discover that life happens more when you say yes.  I mean, this one is much like the first one, but it also means that in order to go and try new things, I have to say yes to them happening.   
3.  I will discover what I want.  Now this one...well, this one is going to be tricky!  From what I have learned from life thus far, discovering what I want will be an ever evolving thing.  However, there have been some very poignant questions in my mind lately that I do not have answers for yet.  It is my goal, in some way, to discover the answers to these questions to the best of my ability. 
I think those three pretty much sum it up.  I was going to be over zealous and make a lit of 50 things I wanted to discover this year or plan a big adventure as part of my "discover mindset," but sometimes simple is better.  I looked earlier this morning to sign up for a writing class or a writing group and then I remembered my life is already pretty busy and maybe amidst all my saying yes and trying new things I will stumble upon a group of people or a new friend that will be an inspiration.  Or I can discover a time during the week to write when it fits, instead of forcing it.  I think having the mindset that it is my goal to discover will be enough drive me forward this year. 
I'm excited to see what happens to life when I seek to discover

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