Monday, February 24, 2014

So...I failed...Kinda

I was supposed to discover one new thing a week.  I lost track after the third week, missed the fourth, tried to get back on track the fifth and then totally fell off the discover bandwagon.  So, I haven't discovered or tried something new every week this year.  Sad, I know...but I haven't given up hope yet.  We're only at the end of February, and my eyes are still open to discovering more throughout the year.

Here's my list, thus far

2014 things I have DISCOVERED are:
  • a restaurant with breathtaking views (see photo below)
  • a conference (all by myself... new hotel, new people, new workshops)
  • a place to walk/run (a park by my house)
  • another place to walk (I am so thankful to live in the Bay Area, because it never will end)
  • a hiking trail
  • yellow peppers (I know this one seems miniscule and ridiculous but I cooked with it people, that's like extra good!)
  • I can run a mile in under 11 min 30 seconds (which has never been done in my whole life)
  • Chicken & Waffles (delicious, I highly recommend)
  • cider (Magners Irish Cider)
  • my uncle's nationally renowned bread pudding in Colorado (no's in magazines)
In the midst of me trying to discover more, I have just tried being happier more often.  There are so many amazing and wonderful people and experiences around me that I love and appreciate every single day.  I try to take that into account more.  I have the most amazing life, I really do.  I have people, and gifts that people could only dream of.  I have a job in which I am happy 100% of the time, and that is no exaggeration.  Whether I am tired or overworked or sick of it, my core being and authentic self is happy 100% because I am being true to who and what I believe in.  I am using my gifts and every single day I get to have fun and appreciate the growth of life right before my eyes.  I am allowed to love other people all day long.  The gift of giving love never ends, and I do my best to bring joy to the never ending wonder through the eyes of the young.  My friends make me laugh and smile throughout the day with their silly nothingnesses.  I also work with all of my friends, so I get to go have lunch every day with my best friends.  It's awesome. 

So, while I try to discover more about what there is that I have yet to discover, I am starting to really discover all the things I already have.  My zest for discovering hasn't faded.  I am trying to get out more, planning on going more places and saying yes more often than no.  Yet, when I discover new things it helps me add to the life I already know I have that is great and amazing. 

I won't lie, sometimes I get sad.  Sometimes I get down on myself, and sometimes I get confused and lost in all of this change that's going on in my life.  It's not easy every day, and there are times and moments when I want to throw my hands up and say forget all this.  But, I hold onto the hope that in my discovering I will finally discover the believe inside myself that life is a continuous voyage, not an ending point. 

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