Friday, June 24, 2011

An Unsent Letter

Dear You,

First, let me start by saying that I miss you.  In an indescribable and unimaginable way.  It’s something that has hit me and has caused me to stop and take a deep breath or hold back a welled up tear.  You were and continue to be a blessing and a light in my life.  For someone who feels you offer nothing to this world, you offer me a reason and a purpose on a daily basis.  Even when you are sad or feeling down, to me, you exude joy and life. 

You have reminded me that life is about acceptance and trust.  You showed me that we must accept each individual human being as they are.  Broken, cracked, imperfections, faults and all.  Each individual is all they can be, they can be no more.  It is out job, as fellow humans, to take everyone for what they are worth and meet them where they are at.  It is not our jobs to change them or fix them or unbreak the broken parts.  It’s our job to love them.  Period.  It’s all about loving unconditionally and without intentions or notions of change.  You taught me that.  That’s pretty phenomenal.  Before you, I thought that everyone could just work on being better and everything would fix itself.  And while, part of that remains true, I was ignorant to a bigger part of the picture.  Sometimes, people carry around pain and hurt that were put on them.  Sometimes life hands certain people terrible situations that break and tear apart the soul.  Sometimes life is unbearably hard and continually cruel, and no matter how hard you work or how hard you try…those things don’t go away.  It’s hard to see the sunshine when you are buried in the ground.   Sometimes I look at you and wonder how you are even standing before me.  How do you even get out of bed in the morning and smile?  I know I probably couldn’t if I had to be in your shoes.  But your strength is astonishing and awe inspiring. 

Not only have you taught me about unconditional love, but you have showed me that so many talents go unnoticed because they are overshadowed by faults.  You are talented beyond belief.  The things I’ve seen you do and come up with and create and generate are marvelous.  You have abilities that are locked inside of you because of a few reasons.  1.  Your fear of them being rejected.  2.  Flaws overshadowing your talents.  3.  Life doesn’t allow you the freedom or space to explore those talents.  You have reminded me that we must all be allowed the space to explore curiosities and be reminded that mistakes are part of the process, talents are to be nourished and flaws are not the depths of a persons whole being.  We, as people, generally tend to look at the things wrong with each person, rather than the talents they have.  Rather than the abilities that person possess, we focus on what the person lacks.   I’ve noticed that many people look at you and see what you lack, I look at you and I see what you possess and I hope that someday you can see all the wonderful things you are capable of, and not focus on the things you cannot do.  You are blessed.  Use those blessings.  Your life will be rich and full and happy. 

Also, you have showed me that you are keenly aware of people.  That’s one of your many talents, but it’s also something I wanted to highlight.  Your ability to notice people around you and the things they do or say or feel is amazing.  You are able to pick up on things that most people themselves cannot pick up on.  You notice minor details, or emotions, or idiosyncrasies that often times are uncharted.  I have heard you say some things, and I’ll look at you and be floored by your perceptions.  USE THAT SKILL!  It’s something you cannot be taught, it is something you will never learn how to use through a book, and it is something that you inherently know and you have that gift.  I hope that you use it to understand, help and learn people.  I also hope that you use it to be a better you.  Start to notice your own thoughts, actions or feelings and do something to make them better and to get them to be in a better place.  Regardless of your circumstances.  

Most of all, I just want you to know that you are special.  You are gifted and talented and a blessing to this world.  You are funny and smart and perceptive and strong.  Believe in those things.  Believe in yourself.  And know, that no matter how far away or how long it’s been since I have seen you, or what happens…I will always care and love you.  I will always feel you are a blessing and a joy to the world.  I will always know that there is more to you than you let people see and I will always know that you are a kind and sensitive soul no matter what persona you show everyone.  I hope only joy and love and peace and happiness in your life.  I really do just want the best for you and I want you to know that I care.


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