Monday, June 13, 2011

Insight from Middle School Students

Today was my last official day teaching my first class of students.  It almost feels like I am living in the twilight zone and like it’s not really over.  I feel like I just started and the school year never even happened.  It’s bizzarre.  While I try to process the goodbyes and the ending of it all I thought I would share some insight to what my students are really like.

I asked the students two questions.
1.  What really makes you mad or upset? 
2. What really makes you happy?

Below are the answers they gave to the questions.  Please note I have not changed the spelling or edited their mistakes in their writing.  It’s half the joy of reading what they write sometimes. 

The first question they answered was about being mad or upset.  I think my favorite answer was “You.”  I think I might have to work on that relationship with that student if I have to work with him in the future.  :)

1.  What really makes you mad or upset? 
-The thing that really makes me mad or upset is when someone messes with my cousins.
-A lot of things.
-When there’s no school.
-The thing that makes me mad is when people at school talk about me behind my back.
-What makes me upset is when I can’t learn because the people around me.
-What makes me upset is when people put there dirty fingers in my food.
-Cleaning my room and doing work.
-My sisters.
-When they tell me what to do.  When they keep repeating things over and over again when I got it the first time.
-When the teachers do boring assignments.
-Coming to school and waking up at 7:00 a.m. to catch the bus and also standing out in the cold.

The answers to the next question really help me remember why it’s such a joy to be a teacher and to be around kids all day.  It’s hard a lot of the time, but, they are wonderful.

2.  What really makes you happy?
-Being in my house sleeping.
-When I go play.
-What makes me happy is my family.  When I am with them I feel really happy.
-What makes me happy is my family all together.
-Playing video games.
-Something that makes me happy is hearing good things said about Islam.
-What makes me really happy is going to different places, and food.
-What makes me happy is everything that is nice.
-The thing that makes me happy is when me and my family having a big family dinner because I have all of my family members.
-When everybody is working.
-Something that really makes me happy is when I do something right.
-The thing that really makes me happy is when I go outside and do stuff and not haf to be cramped up in my house all the time.
-When I eat something sometimes.
-What really makes me happy is my little brother.  The reason why my little brother makes me happy is because every day I come home from school I walk in my house and it just makes me happy.
-Well I don’t know a lot of things and stuff.

I shall miss you class of 2011, as you enter into high school I wish you all the best and hope great things for you!

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