Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love My Vagina (inspired by the Vagina Monologues)

"I Love My Vagina"

Well...I think I love my vagina. I don't know.I mean. I guess I do. How does one love their vagina? Or own their vagina?... I know what i do love...and that is my sexuality and i love the power that comes with having a vagina. I know that's contrary to what we've been talking about in this class...but in my life my vagina has given me power. Power of all different kind... You know how much free shit i've gotten with my vagina? A lot. You know. Haven't you ever gotten free shit for yours? If you haven't you're not using it right!

I know that I am a woman and because of that I am not supposed to do certain things or say certain things or act in certain ways or write certain...but it doesnt matter to me or my vagina what i'm supposed to do or not do.

My vagina likes sex. My vagina likes to be left alone. My vagina does not get turned on when a guy shoves his knee up there when we're making out...use your fucking hand you idiot. My vagina is pretty freakin' sweet. It's a smart vagina and a talented vagina...a talented vagina that i leave at home when i go to church for fear of it screaming out during service "I HAVE SINNED!"

she thinks five minutes isn't long enough for anything.
she thinks its rude if you stop by for a visit and leave a mess.
she likes attention. of any kind.
again...she hates knees (and yes it really happens)
she loves boy shorts. they're comfy.

My vagina has been out way past curfew and asks you not to tell my dad. We wouldn't want to break his heart...

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